Money Saving Tips: Visit museums for free

Did you know that there are many ways you and your family can visit museums for free? Let’s give you some money saving tips to help make that happen this weekend!

Have a library card?

Most libraries around the country offer free museum passes to individuals who have a library card. Our local library offers pmoney saving tipsasses to 25 museums in the area throughout the greater SF Bay Area. You can sign up to visit 2 museum at a time and select a specific date you plan on going and viola – a free, fun outing for your family.

Have a Bank of America card?

Once per month, Bank of America offers its cardholders the chance to visit a museum for free. You can find out more about their program and eligible museums at:

Free Museum Day

Once a year, Smithsonian Magazine hosts Free Museum Day around the country in September. You can find the list of participating museums at: You normally have to register for your tickets around August 1st. But this is a great way for you and your family to visit some museums that might not be in your city.

Target Family Events

Target also hosts free family days at museums in many major metropolitan areas. You can find their list of events at: and you’ll need to select the city you are interested in.


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