4 TED Talks to Help You Get Ahead At Work

I pulled together this list of TED talks that have provided me with useful information for getting ahead in the workplace. Some of the advice is simple. Some of the advice is more long-term theoretical. But all of it is helpful.

1) Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Lesson: Fake it until you make it. You can use your body language to convey confidence to not only others but to yourself as well.

2) Ron Gutman – The Hidden Power of Smiling

Lesson: Smiling is contagious. It can help reduce stress and other positive emotions. Additionally, smiling can make you appear to be more competent and look great in the eyes of others.

3) William Ury: The Walk from No to Yes

Lesson: It’s easy to lose perspective when we’re involved in conflict. To change the game, you have to change the framework of how you see things.

4) Angela Lee Duckworth: The Key to Success? Grit

Lesson: Passion and perseverance for very long terms goals is what makes people successful. Sticking with your future for years and working hard to make that future a reality is the key to success.

Have a favorite TED Talk? Share it in the comments!